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Doyle Construction aquired Hood Excavation, Inc. in 2013, which has provided excellent-quality septic and excavation services for over 30 years.
Doyle Excavation works closely with the former owner of Hood Excavation and will answer your questions and provide expertise and results.


Excavation Emergency call: 515-570-1970


Septic System Services:
  • Septic Tank Pumping/Solid Waste Removal

  • Septic System & Leach Field Installation

  • Septic System Repairs (and Maintenance Info)


Excavation & Demolition:

  • Basement Excavation, General Excavation

  • Farm Tile Installation, Repair, & Trenches

  • Building & Structure Demolition & Disposal

  • Tree Grubbing/ Brush Removial & Disposal



  • Water Line Installation & Locate Underground Utilities


Our Services

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