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New Homes, Additions, Remodeling, Window replacement and repair, Concrete Work, Post Frame Metal Buildings and Commercial work.

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New Custom Homes

Doyle Construction Company constructs new custom homes in the greater North West Iowa Region. We have enjoyed working with our clients to build the home of their dreams. Our standard for construction is excellence. We hope to achieve maximum value for our clients. Much of our work with clients has been through our Custom Home Design and Build Program. Working together we assemble a team of professionals and subcontractors to plan, design and then build each project. This method of planning and building results in a timely completion of an excellent plan at a cost that is within the budget goals set by the client at the beginning of the process.

We also work with clients who have come to us with the design completed by an architect or plans from a plan service that they have previously selected. We review these plans with the home owners and we complete a proposal to include all the information that they will need to make the decision to proceed with the construction. We have Chief Architect computer aided drafting program that will finalize the plans and create a materials list for the project. This helps in getting a complete design for a particular project.

After the planning and decision to build comes the construction. We employ only skilled and reliable craftsmen in our work. All phases of the construction process are well planned and the on-site construction is supervised by Doyle Construction staff. We also use top notch company's to supply us with the most up to date materials and building components needed to build home.

Our staff works with our clients during every stage of the process of planning, designing and building. Personal attention to the details of each phase is important. Meeting the individual needs of our clients is an essential part of our program. Our goal is to make the experience of building a home enjoyable as well as productive. This focus on individual customer service is, we believe, one of the qualities that sets us apart from other area builders.

Additions and Renovations

An existing home can be transformed by a renovation and/or addition to be the home of your dreams. Existing homes possess many desirable features that can be preserved and enhanced. Often the location is reason enough for the work to be done.

Renovating and adding on to an existing home requires the skills of an experienced builder. Mike Doyle and his company, Doyle Construction Company, have been involved with residential construction for 19 years.

Our staff and team of consultants and contractors have experience with this type of construction and enjoy working with our clients in this very specialized area of work. Fitting the new into the old takes planning and understanding so that the design is pleasing and the end result meets the desired goals of the renovation and addition program.

Restoration Work

We have completed many restoration projects in the Fort Dodge Area including many projects in the Oak Hill Neighborhood and have specialized in reconstruction of property due to loss because of fire and water damage. Projects include taking old buildings and making a new life for them by updating and changing the use for what is needed. We will work closely with Historical preservationists and Insurance adjusters to restore the home or business back to it original state. Please see our Portfolio link to view recent projects.

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